Password Manager

Safe passwords. Access anywhere. Backup.

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150 colourful icons are available to help you easily differentiate your records quickly. Whether you wish to save your credit card information, your music downloads account or your Wifi details, each option can be dressed with a matching logo.


Secret Agent

SwissConnect Password Manager makes accessing your sensitive data easy with the Secret Agent function. A global keyboard shortcut makes Secret Agent available to you from any app to look up and use your passwords.

Customize Away

SwissConnect Password Manager lets you arrange your data the way you want. That flexibility comes in part from our dynamic fields – the labels on each field control how the fields behave when e.g. a Website field allows you to launch a URL in your web browser, a Phone field will dial a number on your device’s Phone app.




Complete Data Security

Data entered into SwissConnect Password Manager is fully encrypted using a peer-reviewed and open-source encrypted database engine, providing you with advanced protection against brute force and side channel attacks.


Sync & Multi-Device Replication

Synchronize data changes across multiple platforms using SwissConnect Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox or WiFi.


Whenever, Wherever

SwissConnect Password Manager supports iPhone, iPad and Android devices, keeping your information at your fingertips whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go.





Flexible Data Model

Organise your information into Categories, Entries, and Fields. Define your own labels and set the data types to control behaviour. Need templates? Easy, copy and paste your records as you like.

Quick and Easy Access

Search-as-you-type to find what you’re looking for, across all record names and fields. You can even create your own label to tag related records in different categories for easy lookup, like “medical”. The Recents view shows you that entry or note you just pulled up a minute ago. Mark entries as Favourites for easy access and to sort them to the top of search results.

Download Password Manager (9.95$)