Health Focus

MMT sees health and wellness as a core part of its app, services, and wearables strategies. Now the company will start to provide meaningful Health Insights, collaborate with leading universities in academic research, add sensors, and more. The new UX of the apps will have an emphasis on Health Insights.

We are in the process to add health and wellness features to all apps and the SwissConnect Cloud Portal.


SCURE is the most beautiful alert system for seniors, a Swiss Personal Monitoring Smartwatch with health tracking, monitoring and emergency alert communication features.


MMT GluEye enables continuous glucose monitoring with display on a Smartwatch.


MMT licensed an optical heart rate sensing platform that offers accurate, reliable monitoring of cardiac, respiratory and activity metrics in wearables for health, fitness and wellness.


MMT provides Horological Smartwatches to the Erasmus University MC for the Generation R Next research. Generation R is part of the Erasmus MC and is looking for factors that influence health and development of mothers and their children. Generation R (2001-present) and Generation R Next (start 2017) are two groups followed.

Generation R Next starts with the parents of the children, preferably before a pregnancy starts. 10'000 women will be followed in the pre-pregnancy phase. This research builds on the longitude Generation R research project that was started in 2001.

The MMT Smartwatches aggregate Activity, Sleep and Heart Rate data. The research will start after the summer 2018.

With the Alzheimer Centrum at the VUMC in Amsterdam, MMT will research Activity and Sleep patterns of Alzheimer’s patients. The research is in expected to start by end 2018.