Health Insights

SwissConnect Premium is a paid subscription service that we offer for all apps. With Premium, the user will get everything featured in the standard apps, plus below mentioned health and wellness features.

Activity Insights

How active is your lifestyle?
Compare by age, gender and with the world.

Sleep Insights

Do you sleep well?
Compare by age, gender and with the world.

Correlation Insights

Learn correlation between your steps and your sleep.

Health Score

Visualize health and wellness.
Track how your health and well-being is evolving over time.


See how the local weather affects your sleep.


See how moon phases affect your sleep.

Heart Rate

Connect your external heart rate monitor through Bluetooth Smart and visualize it on your App.

Cloud Portal

Visualize and analyze your data on the SwissConnect Cloud Portal.

Connect and sync with Strava.

Connect and sync with Runkeeper.

Connect and sync with Fitbit.