Clinical Precision

MMT runs in the firmware in its latest modules, the medical-grade Philips WEST library, for accurate and reliable vital signs monitoring.

The VitalSigns Optical Library platform is based on Photoplethysmography (PPG) technology. VitalSigns Optical platform uses an optical sensor to measure blood volume variations and an accelerometer to track body motion. A proprietary algorithm extracts and processes the sensor data, factoring out body motion, pigmentation, and ambient light to produce highly accurate results.

The high-quality patented PPG interface enables the device to accurately measure following vital signs:

• BPM (in clinical validation CCN/AMC – Oct. 2020)
• RR intervals (in clinical validation CCN/AMC – Oct. 2020)
• A-Fib (CE Class IIa Certified algorithm Preventicus – May 2018)
• Sleep (validated PPG-Based Sleep Staging – Jul. 2017)
• Activity Type, Speed, Cadence (validated VSO ELAN – Nov. 2019)
• SPO2 (algorithm in finetuning with Philips & University Hospital Basel – Nov. 2020)
• Respiration Rate (algorithm in finetuning with Philips & University Hospital Basel – Jan. 2021)


There have been a number of articles published in support of MMT’s and its partner’s scientific approach. In particular emphasis on the need for adequate and continuous testing so that the risks posed by strokes can be mitigated.

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