Smart. Swiss. Connected.

The Smartwatch You Love to Wear.

Powered by the latest technology, these Swiss Horological Smartwatches are capable of bi-directional communication with iPhone and Android apps. The Horological Smartwatch is the synthesis of high-tech innovation and traditional Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship; it is the link (no pun intended) between modern and classic, and between tradition and innovation. There is no digital screen on the Horological Smartwatch. Instead, the beautiful laser cut hands on the watch dial display information in analog form. The timepieces thus retain their natural classic beauty and can deliver the benefits of the quantified self, all without ever having to recharge a battery.

The Functions

Always on-time & date

Activity tracking

Sleep monitoring

Sleep cycle alarms

Get-Active alerts

Dynamic coach

2+ years battery life

Cloud backup and restore


The patented sensor-fusion engine tracks activity and sleep patterns with high accuracy. Activity and sleep information is presented in real-time on the Swiss Horological Smartwatch using beautiful traditional analog dials. The Horological Smartwatch synchronizes data automatically with applications on Apple and Android smartphones.


On the iOS and Android apps, simple and easy-to-understand graphics highlight how much one has moved and slept during the day, week, or month. This data will assist users to better understand themselves, and along with appropriate goals setting and intelligent coaching, will improve their well-being. A better sleep pattern and a more active lifestyle are widely recognized as simple, but effective, positive behavioural changes.

Sleep Tracking

Although one spends a third of their lifetime sleeping, people are rarely aware of their sleep patterns and of the various ways to improve them. The Swiss Horological Smartwatch provides a comprehensive summary of its user’s daily sleep progress.

HSW Scales

The eye at 6 O’Clock can be used to display Mode and Date. Currently, the Horological Smartwatch 285 is programmed for Activity and Sleep tracking. We also have the option to display 0-100% for Key Indicators selected via the App. The blue center hand in the 6 O’Clock eye will point to A, B or C after user presses the crown. The outer hand in the 6 O’Clock scale will display the corresponding percentage. Contact us to discuss possibilities tailored to your brand.

The Horological Smartwatch’s open platform is a leap forward, helping users get a proper grasp of their movement and analyse their daily activity. The system is based upon recording and examining millions of nights of sleep, and years of research and development on the biomechanics of instinctive human motion. Whether one is sleeping or awake, the Horological Smartwatch traces accurately the sleep and activity information using patented advanced sensing technology.

“ Patented Technology with 60 issued patents, 30+ pending: HSW Construction, Connected Scales, Algorithms. ”

“ Proven technology, 2+ years battery life, tested on 100+ smartphones, in 30+ countries, Multi-language.”

“ Clinically proven to track your sleep patterns within 95% accuracy of professional polysomnography Sleep Machines. ”

“ Optimized with more than 150 million nights of sleep tracked and analysed.”

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