MMT Acquires Patent License

Geneva, and Silicon Valley, August 10th, 2016: Manufacture Modules Technologies Sarl. is happy to announce that it has acquired a worldwide non-exclusive patent and technology license to incorporate existing MotionX® and Sleeptracker® technology from Fullpower Technologies Inc. into analog quartz, mechanical, and electro-mechanical watches such as the Horological Smartwatch, to complement its patent portfolio. Manufacture Modules Technologies’ and Fullpower’s patents cover key features and functionality of the Horological Smartwatch.

Manufacture Modules Technologies Sarl. is the Swiss company established in Geneva in 2015 for the development and commercialization of Horological Smartwatch modules, firmware, apps and cloud. MMT offers a tightly integrated End-to-End Solution for Horological Smartwatches: Firmware, iOS and Android Apps, Cloud, OTA, Manufacturing and Service Applications. MMT modules have been implemented by brands such as Frederique Constant, Movado, Mondaine, Ferragamo and Alpina. The company has a production of over +70’000 modules.

For more MMT information, please contact Philippe Fraboulet, Manufacture Modules Technologies Sarl., Chemin du Pré-Fleuri 5, 1128 Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva. Tel: +41 22 884 1490. Email: press[at]

Fullpower, based in Silicon Valley, founded in 2003 by Philippe Kahn, creator of the first camera-phone, is the leader for IoT and Wearable cloud-based solutions powered by data science, AI and machine-learning. The Fullpower technology and IP portfolio covers the Sleeptracker® and the MotionX technology platforms for IoT and Wearable. Fullpower’s business model is to license technology and patents to industry leaders such as Nike, Simmons, Serta, Movado, MMT and other.

For more Fullpower information, please contact Leslie Ruble, at leslie[at]